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Livable, affordable and sustainable

If we want things to stay that way, everything will have to change. So that our future is livable, affordable and sustainable. For ourselves, but also for our children and grandchildren. That means we want to do things differently. JAJO wants to build a new foundation in a changing world. We want to do everything we can to minimize our negative environmental impact.

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Closing the circle, together

Our mission is to close the circle together. To support our clients in a sustainable way, now and in the future. Because a future-proof now, we create together. And yes, the challenges are great. But our confidence even greater. Because JAJO is big enough to matter and small enough to actually do it.

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Personal and informal

Our professional construction specialists usually work under their own name with up to 100 colleagues per branch. This keeps our organization agile and the personal and informal character guaranteed.