Meekijken met Daan Arts


“You’re never done with BIM. There are always innovations that make our work easier and better”. That is what Daan Arts (38), responsible for the policy development and roll-out of the 3D model in the Cluster Business Premises, says. The cluster consists of the companies Hercuton, Remco Ruimtebouw, Woody Building Concepts, ServicebouwPlus, Pvvt, Remco International and Ocmer. “Together with colleague Robert Ploegmakers I give courses and show colleagues how they can make optimal use of the model for their work and the client.”

Collegialiteit en behulpzaamheid

Collegiality and helpfulness

At the Cluster Business Premises we are already working with BIM. Daan Arts: “The people are working with me very enthusiastically, especially when I show them how they can do their work better and faster with BIM. It’s a close club, in which collegiality and helpfulness are very high. Professionalism is very important here. That is very pleasant work”.