‘Net geschiedenisles, maar dan véél leuker’

“It’s like history class, but much more fun.”

In 2016 Koninklijke Woudenberg opened the doors of its branch office in Maastricht. A small team led by manager Francis Delissen (49) embarked on the adventure. The move worked out well. Francis: “There is plenty of work here. Maastricht alone has 1677 monuments. And then there is the rest of Limburg,” he says. In Maastricht Francis leads 10 employees, 3 students and five flex workers. He is responsible for finance and actively works towards new clients and projects.

Cluster Restauratie & Renovatie

Charm and challenges

The most beautiful project Francis has had? “Each project has its own charms and challenges. Whether it’s a fortress, a villa, a historic downtown building, a church, a town hall, or a very small wooden well. We complete all those projects.” And to think that he used to hate history at school… “I’m just saying, restoration is like history class, but much more fun.”