Feeling at home

Martijn Zwiers (28) did an internship as a student on Bonaire. He immediately felt at home there. Martijn couldn’t resist the vacancy for calculator/work planner of the Bonairiaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij (BWM). By now he has been working there for seven years. He is responsible for ‘bringing in’ new works with winning tenders since 1 January. In addition, he is responsible for the daily management of the BWM team (15 employees) in Kralendijk.

Het mooiste moment

The most beautiful moment

In tenders Martijn likes to play on BWM’s strengths: its own asphalt plant, the solid organization and the high quality of the work. And with success! “The best moment is when you hear that the client chooses BWM. Yés… we won. That’s such a kick! And then another kick if the project goes well. Scoring in the first and second half. It doesn’t get any better…”