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Coordinate and control the process from A to Z

Project manager Renée van Hoof (32) has the job of her dreams. “At Janssen de Jong Projectontwikkeling we create something very specific together that is actually realized. For example, a residential area in which families will soon really start living. And I am allowed to coordinate and manage that whole process from A to Z. I love doing that”.

Project optimaal aansluiten op de klantbehoeften

Coordinating role

Renée is completely in her element in her coordinating role. “I direct people and keep all the balls in the air all the time. In this way you really have the feeling that you are creating something together”. Janssen de Jong Projectontwikkeling also gives her plenty of room for this. “It is a nice, flat organization with a nice working atmosphere. And everyone is given the freedom to take on the role that best suits them. That is very pleasant work”.