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Internal business training

Rik Vermeulen is 23 years young, but already has his goal in sight: to become the main performer. In the service of Janssen de Jong Bouw South, he is currently leading the construction of 30 homes in Neeldervelt in Roermond, a project of 210 climate-neutral homes developed by Janssen de Jong Projectontwikkeling. At the moment he is still completing the internal company training ‘execution large construction and utility’ and he is where he wants to be.

Zelfstandig beslissingen nemen

Making decisions independently

At Janssen de Jong Bouw, Rik is given the freedom to map out his own route and make decisions independently. “It is in every way a progressive company that is always working on new things, such as the new hull process, BIM and the Quality Assurance Act (Wkb). We are always alert to new market developments”.