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Working out drawings in 3D

A constructive modeller, what is that? Suzanne Dohmen (47) explains it in detail. “We translate the structural engineer’s calculations into technical working drawings. This mainly concerns the important nodes in the structural parts of a structure, such as the foundation and construction. We work out the drawings in 3D. She knows what she is talking about, because she models daily for the projects of Hercuton, Remco Ruimtebouw and Woody Building Concepts (Cluster Business Premises).”

Fluitend naar het werk in Nieuwkuijk

Whistling to work in Nieuwkuijk

Suzanne comes whistling to her work in Nieuwkuijk every day. The construction department is shared with 9 draughtsmen and 4 constructors. “When I was unemployed for a while, I thought carefully about what I would like to do other than draw. I really couldn’t think of anything. Drawing is my lust and life! Moreover, I work at the Cluster Business Premises in a pleasant atmosphere with very nice, fine colleagues in each department. Everyone is nice and helpful. It feels like a warm bath.”