Meekijken met Sylvia Martens

Woman in construction

Sylvia Martens (47) loves to work hard. As one of the three project leaders at Janssen de Jong Bouw East, she guides construction projects efficiently and quality-oriented from drawing board to delivery, shoulder to shoulder with the contractors and other team members. The best part of her job: “To start with a good preparation and planning, so we can keep a total grip on the execution. That’s what I think is awesome.”

Gepassioneerd en gedreven

Passionate and driven

Sylvia likes to be clear. “I listen carefully to the client’s wishes and translate them one-on-one to the project. I want to be 100 percent reliable.” She does her work passionately and driven. She can rely on her ‘magic teams’ of professionals to whom she can confidently entrust many tasks. “Together we deliver top performance in a relaxed atmosphere. Working like this is one big party.”