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Location Kaya Industria 43 Kralendijk

Phone number 00 5997 17 89 33

BWM Infrastructure in Kralendijk

Janssen de Jong opened a branch on Bonaire in 1963: Bonairiaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij (BWM). Since then we have realized many projects for the government, companies and individuals. We are ISO 9001 certified for design, development and implementation of infrastructure projects (including asphalt production).

High quality

The Bonairiaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij is the civil contractor of Bonaire and realizes dozens of large and small projects every year. From a driveway to a house and the complete realization of a subdivision plan to a custom sports field of asphalt, artificial grass or gravel.


We have highly qualified staff, a lot of expertise and a well-equipped machine park. Because of this, we guarantee high quality in every project. Thanks to the surrounding Caribbean Sea, we specialize in hydraulic engineering. You can think of the construction of piers, bollards, quay walls and docks for cruise and transport ships and fishing boats.

Personal asphalt factory

We have our own asphalt factory: Asphalt Central Bonaire (ACB). This ensures that the delivery of asphalt always takes place. ACB produces both black asphalt for roads and colored asphalt for cycle paths. Betonindustrie Bonaire – part of Betonindustrie Brievengat – is an important supplier of paving and concrete decorative products.