Koninklijke Woudenberg Ameide

01_07_19 KWB Mannheimer villa
10_10_19 KWB Stedin Delft
10_10_19 KWB Stedin Delft
10_10_19 KWB Stedin Delft

Location Voorstraat 7
4233 EA Ameide

Koninklijke Woudenberg Ameide

Koninklijke Woudenberg is a specialized, certified and licensed restoration construction company, whose headquarters are located in Ameide. The name Woudenberg has appeared in relation to restoration and building since 1799. After the Second World War, Woudenberg grew into a contemporary modern restoration construction company. We have restored many monuments and realized a large number of imaginative projects. In 1987 Woudenberg was awarded the designation Royal.

Craftsmanship and partnership

Royal Woudenberg continuously invests in craftsmanship and partnership. This enables us to continue delivering added value to our customers, also into the future. After all, we want to continue to fulfill our leading position as a construction company in the cultural heritage market. Our mission is therefore: to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy historic buildings. In the design phase, during the work and into the future.


For many decades, our craftsmen have been restoring our cultural heritage. With craftsmanship, pride and care. Because of the knowledge, skill and experience of our craftsmen, we are able to devise solutions for specific customer needs. Royal Woudenberg has a large number of restoration specialists in-house. Whether it is restoration, repurposing, renovation, or maintenance.


We also deploy our craftsmanship with our partners. Here, too, we create new partnerships. We want to unburden our clients in the construction process so that everyone can continue to enjoy the cultural heritage and the special character of a building. We do this by thinking along with the needs and possibilities in the client’s request.

Koninklijke Woudenberg is based in Ameide and Maastricht.