Revolve Development


Location Nijverheidsweg 16G
3534 AM Utrecht

Phone number 06-27005992

Revolve Development Utrecht

Revolve is a creative concept developer with guts. A start-up surrounded by experience and expertise. We stretch what is possible, with an important goal in mind: a positive impact. Not for nothing do we say: 100% happiness, 0% CO₂. That’s ambitious and that’s exactly what we, together with our partners, are going for. Will you join us? Rethink, reshape, revolve.

Design thinking

People and the environment demand otherwise. Revolve takes on the concept development of real estate. Opinionated, sustainable and daring, always with an eye for balance between environment and building. Our working method is a tad headstrong: through design thinking we create something new in which clients, stakeholders and the environment of the project are involved early on. This is how we arrive at the best idea and design together. This is how we realize sustainable ambitions.

100% happiness and 0% CO₂

The ambition to develop buildings and areas that are both carbon-neutral and circular is not enough. Especially users and local residents are of great added value in building and area development. Too often technical developments stand alone, reducing comfort and quality. That is why Revolve Development develops on the basis of the design thinking principle, whereby end users are involved in the early stages of the process and participate in the decision-making process for an optimal end result. Our goal is 100% happiness and 0% CO₂.

Portfolio Revolve Development

Revolve Development is a developer that works both risk and delegated. As a wholly owned subsidiary of JAJO, Revolve Development can rely on all the expertise in-house. For example, sister company New Horizon is fully focused on complementary urban mining. Its position as a start-up provides Revolve Development with the scope to achieve its intended innovation.