Woody Building Concepts

Weknutzungsbewilligung für Woody Building Concepts, NL 2020
Close up shot of old master carpenter working in his woodwork or workshop
Fragment of a wooden house. Fastening of beams of a building. Fragment of building a house. Connections of wooden structures. Building concept.
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Weknutzungsbewilligung für Woody Building Concepts, NL 2020
Weknutzungsbewilligung für Woody Building Concepts, NL 2020
Weknutzungsbewilligung für Woody Building Concepts, NL 2020
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Location Touwslager 2
5253 RK Nieuwkuijk

Phone number 088 205 34 70

Building the future of workspaces

At Woody Building Concepts we design, develop and build innovative future conscious buildings. We do this at the intersection of Eco and Hightech. Smart business accommodations in which it is healthy and pleasant to work.

Health, circularity and affordability

We want to be a leader in health, circularity and affordability. Our buildings offer added value to both the users and the owner of the building. We create eye-catching buildings that make the surroundings more beautiful. Of course in wood!

Our mission: realizing the best housing for organizations and people to flourish.

Hightech wood construction concept

Woody Building Concepts forms together with Hercuton, Remco Ruimtebouw, Pvvt, ServicebouwPlus, Remco International and Ocmer the Cluster Bedrijfshuisvesting of JAJO. Together, we are experts in conceptual new construction for commercial buildings and have realized thousands of projects in steel, concrete and wood over more than 45 years. Under the brand name Woody Building Concepts we realize projects based on an innovative high-tech wood construction concept.

High quality collaboration

We work together with producers and co-makers who are all leaders and experts in their own field. We choose A-brands that reinforce each other. We bundle our innovative strength and translate it into future-proof solutions and products. Woody Building Concepts brings the modules together and assembles them into complete new construction projects.

The best business premises

For us, the best business premises means “housing with the most optimal added value”. Added value for both the users and the owner of the building. Added social value through sustainability, circularity and beauty. Of course with healthy materials.


In nature we feel comfortable. It calms us down. So why not integrate nature into our working environment? That’s why we build complete offices and business premises in wood, so that it already has a natural look at its base.


Sustainability is the norm nowadays, but we like to raise the sustainable bar even higher. Our standard is circular and with our wood construction concept we make a circular working environment a reality. A place where you like to work, surrounded by natural materials.


We build in wood, modular and circular. This means that we create a building with wooden elements and modules. That building can be built forever, but we can also dismantle and rebuild it.