Kompas in Vooruitgang

The necessary change in the real estate sector is only possible by working together with the whole chain of partners, suppliers, clients and other construction companies. This is why we are introducing the “Kompas in Vooruitgang” platform. We want to move forward at full speed. Towards a sustainable future. For our generation and future generations. Kompas in Vooruitgang provides the platform to help construction and real estate professionals on their way. With relevant content about best practices, knowledge and insights. Told by young and experienced construction and real estate professionals. To overcome obstacles together in the race towards a circular economy.”


Circular materials

We make better choices for people and the environment and encourage the use of sustainable and circular materials. Our sustainability working groups from all levels of the organization help think about these “better choices.” This means, for example, that our purchasing policy has become more sustainable, we are increasingly building with circular concrete and, where possible, dismantling existing buildings to reuse raw materials. Our subsidiary New Horizon is a leader in urban mining. We “harvest” and talk about “donor buildings” and “harvest masters” who supervise the process of reclaiming materials. The concrete cycle is also interesting here: the processing of old concrete into new concrete is now completely energy and water neutral.


Employee support

Corporate social responsibility is also about people. Without people, we cannot fulfill our ambitions. This is why we offer our Dutch employees the opportunity to participate in the PV private (solar panels) project. We support them where necessary in other socio-economic areas. For example, we make a budget coach available free of charge to employees who are interested in this. In addition to supporting our employees, we also support society. For example, through our sponsorship of Team JAJO and the Signaal Sosial foundation. Read more about these initiatives below.

Stichting Signal Sosial

Signal Sosial Foundation

In the Caribbean islands, we support the Signaal Sosial Foundation. This foundation contributes to social services and provides assistance to children, the elderly, the unemployed and the disabled. The emphasis here is on after-school care for underprivileged children. In addition to financial support, we offer help by sending teaching materials and school furniture from the Netherlands.

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Maintenance and renovations KNRM

JAJO bears the KNRM a warm heart and therefore we have entered into a multi-year cooperation in which we help them with maintenance and renovation projects of boathouses and crew quarters. KNRM helps and rescues people on and near the water and is completely dependent on donors and volunteers. We deploy our expertise free of charge to survey the structural condition of all KNRM boathouses and crew quarters. We also realize two larger maintenance or renovation projects each year free of charge. We provide the manpower and ask our suppliers to provide materials.