Groei voor JAJO: transformatie naar impactvolle partner in de vastgoedcyclus

Do not demolish, but harvest

Circular business is better. We want to show that by doing it. With conviction and guts, taking risks and with passion. Our goal is to supply building materials that contribute to a circular economy. We don’t demolish, we harvest. For example, our subsidiary New Horizon Material Balance supplies the largest range of building materials from urban mining in the world. With a demonstrably lower environmental impact and all regular qualifications. To this end, they initiate new collaborations, technological innovations, system changes and prove that it can be done.


The Caribbean

But we don’t only harvest in the Netherlands. In the Caribbean, too, we do as much as possible to recycle materials. When buildings on Bonaire and Curaçao are demolished, as much concrete as possible is reused. Our Windward subsidiaries strive to reuse as much of the demolished concrete as possible as construction concrete. And on Aruba, significant investments have been made in asphalt recycling facilities in recent years.

For all our real estate harvesting companies, we state “We demolish with a net-zero mission and harvest value.”