Restauratie oude landhoofd Willemsbrug

Conservation of cultural heritage

For many decades we have played a leading role in the preservation of cultural heritage and its experiential value. Our craftsmen have years of knowledge, skill and experience. This enables us to come up with solutions for specific customer needs. Whether it concerns restoration, repurposing, renovation, cleaning or maintenance.

Koninklijke Woudenberg

Koninklijke Woudenberg is an approved restoration construction company. We have set ourselves the goal that everyone should be able to continue to enjoy historic building. As a partner for clients and designers, Koninklijke Woudenberg has a leading role in the restoration, redevelopment, renovation and maintenance of cultural heritage and its experiential value. Koninklijke Woudenberg is located in Ameide and Maastricht (NL).

Van der Vegt

Van der Vegt is a forging and construction company which in its more than 100 years of existence has developed into a company with various areas of expertise. The professionals of Van der Vegt are specialized in steel construction, non ferrous, (complex) staircases, (ornamental) forging and restoration of metalwork. Van der Vegt is based in Bleskensgraaf (NL).