Independent and risk-bearing

Janssen de Jong Project Development is an independent and risk-bearing project developer specializing in housing projects. From small-scale housing plans to sustainable area development or extensive restructuring. Mostly new construction, but also transformations.


Sustainability plays a major role in our business operations. We continuously strive for a sustainable society. And that goes beyond energy-efficient buildings and environmentally friendly materials. We do not only develop for the present, but also continuously look at the future of the user, the real estate and its environment.

Janssen de Jong Project Development

Janssen de Jong Project Development wants to develop beautiful projects together with you. Inspire you with fresh, future-proof ideas. To show you that sustainability, design, comfort and affordability go well together. That is our ambition. In the field of sustainability, we go further than the realization of energy-efficient buildings and the use of environmentally friendly materials. Sustainable is about future-oriented development and comfortable living using clean energy. About a neighborhood where homes retain their value and appeal. Janssen de Jong Project Development is located in Son en Breugel, Utrecht and Hengelo.