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Cluster Cluster Restoration & Renovation

Locatie Hogewaard 6
4235 VS Tienhoven

Meesters In in Tienhoven

Meesters In is the specialist in the restoration, reproduction and replenishment of all stony materials. With a team of more than thirty professionals we restore, repair and renew all stone-like objects. From Italian marble, terrazzo and ceramics to marlstone. And from slate to concrete.

National monuments

Masters In executes all activities and products of and with stone. We inject cracks and clean facades. But you can also come to us for a national monument that is in need of restoration or a sculpture in decay. Is your cultural heritage in poor condition? Then ask for Masters In.

Mix of craft and technology

History that needs to be restored calls for real experts and craftsmen. That requires craftsmanship and precision. That requires Masters In. For each assignment we look together for the most sustainable solution. Whether it concerns injecting cracks, repairing a facade or pure stonework. Meesters In works with the latest technology and combines this with the craftsmanship for which we are known. As executor of high-profile projects, we are certified to guarantee the preservation of the monumental.

Would you like to know more about our flexible and specialist approach in the field of natural stone, artificial stone or concrete? Or would you like tailor-made advice? Get in touch with Meesters In.

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