Janssen de Jong Bouw Zuid

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Logo ModuFair

Location Science Park Eindhoven 5049
5692 EB Son en Breugel

Janssen de Jong Bouw

Janssen de Jong Bouw is one of the larger construction companies in the Netherlands. We are located in Son en Breugel, Hengelo, Arnhem en Hardenberg.

Terraced houses, semi-detached houses or detached houses? Janssen de Jong Bouw turns every development into a ‘home’ for future residents. We believe in the new way of building. The wishes of the user are central to this. We build from the vision of realizing the best solution together with our clients. A good customer relationship is our starting point. We are only satisfied when you are.

Design & Build

Janssen de Jong Bouw takes responsibility for the entire design and build process. In addition, from the start of a project we take into account the day-to-day management, operation and architecture.

Let’s build happiness

We think and build with the credo and idea of ‘Let’s build happiness’. This means that we want to build homes where residents feel at home and are happy. To see our own employees happy too, we offer them the space to grow and develop further.

Customer satisfaction

We use the Building Information Model (BIM) to promote cooperation and knowledge sharing and Lean techniques to minimize waste. Customer satisfaction is one of our spearheads. We aim for a customer satisfaction score of 8+. To achieve this, we continuously train our employees with workshops, training courses and LEAN sessions. In this way we live up to the high expectations time and time again.


More control of construction costs and construction planning? ModuFair, the new house construction concept from Janssen de Jong Bouw, is an honest construction concept. With eight certainties, we want to make every housing corporation, investor and project developer happy. The ModuFair Calculator allows you to calculate the costs of a building project in real time and easily adjust the basic houses to your needs. Want to see how your own building project rolls out of the ModuFair Calculator? Go to modufair.nl.