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Statia Roads - Golden Rock Project 7
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Statia Roads - Golden Rock Project

Location Clement Sorton Street 8 The Bottom

Saba Roads & Construction in The Bottom

Saba Roads & Construction specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of complete infrastructure and hydraulic engineering projects and the realization of buildings, steel structures and sports facilities, including civil works and the production of concrete and asphalt. We were founded in 1987 and our working area is Saba.

Our range of services

We offer a wide range of services to unburden our clients as much as possible. Our activities include:

  • Advice, engineering, construction and maintenance
  • Infrastructural works (roads, utilities, bridges, sports facilities, etc.)
  • Architectural works (buildings, warehouses, homes, swimming pools, offices, etc.)
  • Port and maritime works (jetty, port, redevelopment, etc.)
  • Maintenance and management of wastewater and landfill facilities
  • Concrete and asphalt production
  • Recycling of aggregates (mobile crusher)
  • Hire of heavy equipment

Highest quality standards

Saba Roads & Construction plays an important role on the Windward Islands in the development and implementation of integrated projects. We work according to the highest quality standards and are ISO-NEN 9001-2015 certified.

Own property

Saba Roads & Construction also has an extensive range of machinery at its disposal with which, in principle, any type of project can be carried out. In addition, through our sister company Windward Roads & Construction, we have our own concrete and asphalt plant with which high-quality projects can be realised.


We are very involved in the development of Saba and have carried out many social projects on the islands since our foundation. In our business operations we continuously strive for high customer satisfaction. With the best price, quality, service and continuity. We realize projects in accordance with previously agreed specifications with great attention to the safety, education and commitment of our employees and as little impact on the environment as possible.