Mijnmaatschappij Curaçao


Location Newport
3078 Willemstad

Mijnmaatschappij Curaçao in Willemstad

Mijnmaatschappij Curaçao – also known as The Curaçao Mining Company – was founded in 1874 when phosphate was discovered in the Tafelberg. Until 1979, this phosphate was mainly used as manure and animal feed. Given its properties such as hardness and purity, sand-lime is a primary raw material for concrete, asphalt and the glass industry. This made our sand-lime brick an important product for the very demanding purposes in this branch of industry.


Our main activities consist of quarrying, crushing and sieving and the production and sale of various limestone aggregates and sand. Using our technical and fully automated drilling, blasting, crushing and screening equipment, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and international standards. In our laboratory, our skilled employees monitor production. This ensures the hardness, grain size and purity.

Local and international

MMC is fully equipped to offer customers added value. Both in the Caribbean and in other areas of the world. Raw materials such as limestone, sand-lime and phosphate are mined in the company’s own mine in Curacao for both Janssen de Jong Caribbean’s own construction activities and for third parties. These raw materials for (road) construction, agriculture, glass industry and drinking water companies are processed and partly exported. We use our own port and offer our customers excellent export services and storage and transshipment facilities.


MMC raises the bar within the mining industry, both locally and internationally. With guaranteed excellent quality and control, excellent service, continuous innovation and investment, efficient production processes and finally by respecting at all times the environment and the people who live and work within the community in which MMC operates.