New Horizon

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Location Markt 32-34
4931 BT Geertruidenberg

We don’t demolish, we harvest

We believe in a circular economy as the new economic model. We work in an entrepreneurial way on the transition to this new model. We do this with perseverance and courage! We show that circular entrepreneurship is better, by doing it. Risk bearing and with passion.

Our contribution

Our goal is to supply building materials that contribute to a circular economy. We initiate new collaborations, technological innovations, system changes and prove that it can be done. These activities are housed in New Horizon Material Balance.
In function of the production and delivery of materials from urban mining, we act as main contractor for the dismantling of buildings. These activities are part of New Horizon Urban Mining.

Return to Social

A circular economy is also an inclusive economy. Our directing role over raw materials means that we also have control over a large amount of labor. We use this position to contribute to the (re)introduction of people with a distance to the labor market into this process. Our approach differs from the regular ‘Social return’ standards and is best characterized by the term ‘Return to Social’. Our goal is to realize measurable social impact. For this reason we offer our solutions not only to clients and partners but also to third parties.

New Horizon Material Balance

We supply the largest range of building materials from Urban Mining in the world. With a proven lower environmental impact and all regular qualifications.

Our goal is to deliver building materials to the market that contribute to a circular economic model. We develop and produce building materials from Urban Mining and bio-based. To enable a wide application of these materials, we facilitate a model in which we use existing ordering and distribution systems. We are also developing new financial models, measurement methods and valuation systems. In this context we work together with established companies in the chain, united in the Urban Mining Collective and the bio-based collective.

New Horizon Urban Mining

We dismantle buildings with the aim of harvesting as many materials as possible for reuse. In our eyes, every building is a donor building.

We have been supplying our production facilities and distribution partners with high quality materials that we liberate during the dismantling of buildings since 2015. By retaining as much value as possible (harvesting) during that dismantling and getting the best possible starting point to make new products from it (reuse or up-cycling), we compete with a traditional ‘linear approach’.

New Horizon Urban Mining takes on the decommissioning work on a risk basis. Our promise is that our approach is not higher in cost, does not take longer, and is naturally more circular.