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Remco International in Nieuwkuijk

Building abroad?

Our steel construction system is suitable for use anywhere in the world. Remco International has already built hundreds of thousands of square meters in, among others, Africa, the Caribbean and Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to the mostly larger international companies, our clients are also the local corporate enterprises.

We relieve you completely

Building across borders is often quite an adventure. Just think of the paperwork. And who guides the building process in the right direction? At Remco International we have the expertise to supervise international construction projects from A to Z. And we even go one step further. In addition to the logistics process, we also take care of the construction supervision. Our Dutch Supervisors take care of the construction supervision on site. They monitor safety, quality and planning.

Our working method

For international projects we take care of the engineering, production, transport and assembly. During the assembly period at least one experienced Remco Ruimtebouw Supervisor will be present on site.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We build international projects together with local workers. On the one hand this provides a source of income for the local stakeholders. On the other hand, they gain a lot of experience during the assembly process, which they can use during their further careers.

Working safely

Of course, the safety of our own employees and the parties with whom we work is paramount. Remco International is VCA** certified and acts accordingly. Both in the Netherlands and in international projects.

High quality

With our construction system we guarantee you a high quality and a fast construction time in accordance with the agreements made with you beforehand. You are therefore assured of a steel business space with its own unique appearance that fully meets your needs.

High customer satisfaction

We pay a lot of attention to customer satisfaction in our business operations. We are therefore proud of the fact that a large number of our clients opt once again for Remco International’s familiar approach in the event of an expansion or new construction!

Sustainable and environmentally conscious

Our company buildings are realized in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. The materials used are recyclable or can be reused in their entirety. In this way, the buildings of Remco International are not a burden for later generations.