Van der Vegt

VdVWoonhuis Loosdrecht 2
VdVJan Luikenstraat 2
VdVHerengracht Amsterdam (1)
VdVNeude postkantoor
VdVWoonhuis Loosdrecht 2
VdVBuiten verblijf Hardinxveld (2)
VdVHotel goud en zilver Gorichem (1)
VdVKABK Den Haag (2)
VdVKalkhave Dordrecht (1)
VdVMeelfabriek Leiden (4)
VdVVouwwand valkenswaard (3)
VdVHotel goud en zilver Gorichem (4)

Location Manmakerweg 2-4
2971 VP Bleskensgraaf

Van der Vegt in Bleskensgraaf

Conservation goes before replacement! This is what Van der Vegt stands for. This is not just a slogan, but we see it as the essence of our profession. Van der Vegt is a restoration company with more than 100 years of experience in which we have developed widely in various disciplines.


The professionals at Van der Vegt each have their own specialism. They are deployable for steel construction, non ferrous, (complex) stairs, (decorative) forging and restoration of metal work. Van der Vegt has extensive experience with restorations and is well registered with the National Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE). We also do a lot of work on national monuments.

Because of our years of experience, we are able to provide you with optimal advice regarding your monument. Together with professional parties such as architects and contractors, we contribute to the preservation of our monumental heritage.


Van der Vegt has its own workshop in Bleskensgraaf. Here, all steel stairs, fencing, doors, windows and structures are custom made by hand. We carry out glass and steel as a total package. Whether it is new construction glass, monument glass or stained glass. After installation, we take care of the finishing with our own team of experienced craftsmen.

Through proper pre-treatment we protect the steel against corrosion. You can think of hot-dip galvanizing, scooping or zinc phosphate primer. After pre-treatment, your stairs, fencing, construction, window or door can be provided with color by means of wet painting or powder coating.

From design to delivery

Because we have all the resources for on-site assembly, we can perform constant monitoring throughout the entire process: from design to delivery. As a result, we deliver the quality you can expect from us and you have a single point of contact throughout the process.

Louis CampsGeneral Manager Residential Housing

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